Where is your office?

We are located at 605 West Main Street Suite A, Saint Charles, Illinois 60174 which is at the southwest corner of 6th and Main St.
Parking is not a problem. You can find our parking lot behind the house by turning south on 6th Street.

Here is a handy map - http://www.foxvalleytaxsolutions.com/how-to-find-our-office-in-saint-charles/

What are your tax preparation fees?

Our tax preparation fees are based on complexity of your tax return. To determine this for new clients we generally request you provide a copy the previous year tax returns and go through a short initial interview. This ensures we understand all of the issues involved and can offer an accurate quote for services.

Included in the fee are many additional services that our clients find helpful:

  • We are available all year to provide advice on tax questions you may have.
  • We will review pertinent tax issues and explore opportunities for the following year upon presentation of your tax return.
  • For new clients, we will review your prior year returns for accuracy. If we find an issue, we will explain your options to fix the problem.
  • For self-employed clients, we will help with setting up quarterly estimated payments. If your projected income changes during the year we will help adjust the payment amounts.
  • For clients with an Audit notice, we offer Audit Assistance to explain the notice and review options. Audit Representation will require additional fees.
Do I need to go to your tax office to get my taxes done?

We understand it is not always practical or desired to make an extra trip to our office. For those situations we offer the following options:

  • Taxes using Secure Portal – We can exchange all documents through our online portal and communicate via email or phone.
  • Taxes by Mail – You can mail us your tax documents and we can mail you your completed return. You will then need to mail back some signed documents.
  • Taxes at home – For clients who cannot use the other options we can travel to your home to pick up documents and finish the tax return. Extra fees may be required for this service.
How do I pay?

We prefer payments by Check. Payments are due upon completion of the tax return. We also accept payments via:

  • Chase Quickpay
  • Venmo
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards / Debit Cards

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What do you do to protect my personal information?

At Fox Valley Tax Solutions we take security very seriously.

First of all, we strive to be a paperless office. This means less paperwork that can be compromised. When paperwork needs to be collected or printed, it is returned or shredded as appropriate as soon as possible. We exchange most client documents via our portal where all transmissions are secure and files are encrypted on the server.

We also have spent considerable resources securing our local computer network and configuring our firewall against outside threats. Internally, all systems are password protected. We have implemented an Information Security Plan that is in compliance with IRS Publication 4557 and assessed annually.

In addition, we understand our clients are targets of identity theft. We are always available to help out with a free consult if you get a suspicious email or phone call.

I just received an audit letter. How can you help me with that?

We know that IRS or state notices are stressful and hard to understand. We are always available to look over your tax notice, translate, and give you some advice on how to resolve things. If you want us to take the lead in working through the issues we will get a Power of Attorney from you and provide Representation Services for a fee. Don’t forget that Harry is an NTPI fellow with specialized training in IRS Audit issues.

Is your office Handicap Accessible?

We recently moved to a new ground floor office in an older re-purposed home. There are still a couple steps at the front entrance that may cause problems for some clients. Please let us know of your concerns and we will find a way to provide our services that recognizes your needs.

Is it required to fill out and return my organizer?

Your personalized Tax Organizer is entirely for your benefit and is not required. Many clients find it useful as a guide to ensure they provide us all tax documents and associated information we need to complete their tax return.

I cannot seem to fill in my organizer you sent to my portal. Is it the wrong file?

The tax organizer we upload to your portal every December is in a format that can be ‘filled in’ and then saved digitally to be returned to the portal. This saves paper and time for some clients. In order to fill in the organizer, the .pdf file needs to be opened with compatible software. If you are having trouble filling in the organizer try opening the .pdf file with a different program that is compatible. On windows computers try right clicking on the file and select ‘open with’ to see your options. There is a known issue with using the Chrome Browser to save fill in .pdf files. If your computer defaults to Chrome to open .pdf files you will need 'open with' another program.

Can you do my business payroll?

Absolutely! We have in house solutions and are also affiliated with several payroll firms. We will examine your payroll needs and find a fit that works best for you.

Can you help me with bookeeping at my business?

Absolutely! We routinely help tax clients work though issues with their bookkeeping. We can provide a tailored bookkeeping solution that will fit with how you track your business financials.  Ask us about our reduced rates for Quickbooks subscriptions.