Get professional tax service in the comfort of your home

Let’s face it. It is just not convenient to go to the tax office to get your taxes done. As much as we enjoy face-to-face office visits, we know that is not always the best solution for our clients. 

Remote service is not something new at Fox Valley Tax Solutions. We have been maintaining effective virtual relationships with our clients for years by safely exchanging tax information using our secure portal. You choose the best way for us to get things done – comprehensive zoom reviews, phone call, email, or text.

Consider these benefits: 

  • Convenience – get taxes off your to do list while in your pajamas.
  • Security – no paper to get misplaced or stolen.
  • Eco friendly – you get most tax documents online now. Trees do not need to die in the name of taxes.
  • Tax Documents Storage – all your tax documents in one place available at any time.
  • Mobility – don’t change professional tax preparation service just because you move. We currently provide great service to clients all over the country.

It is OK if you are not totally comfortable with digital technology. We are always here to help and will meet you where you are at in this digital world.

If you are interested in this or any of our other services, please call our office at 630-780-6810, or request an appointment online.