Tax Scams, Security, and what WE are doing about it

We have touched on this topic before but scammers are continuing to evolve. We still hate these guys.
The IRS recently finished a Security Summit. The takeaways?

• Scammers will still use aggressive and threatening phone calls but there has been a significant uptick in email Phishing and Malware
• Scammers creatively focus on new or confusing tax laws
• Scammers frequently go after elderly taxpayers
• Scammers are now targeting tax preparers

This last one is important and we take it seriously. At Fox Valley Tax Solutions we have implemented an Information Security Plan recommended by the IRS to ensure we are doing our part to safeguard Taxpayer Data. Not all tax preparers are up to speed on this!

Did we mention we hate these guys?

Source: Tax Scams/Consumer Alerts